And the silver medal goes to……

To celebrate our Swan Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil winning silver medal at this year’s Perth Royal Show we are offering you a chance to get your hands on some award winning EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) for a heavily discounted price.


Just $8.00 for 500mL



Judges remarks are below for your interest and to give you a in depth description of this award winning EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

Aroma: Good aroma, reasonably fresh with green, herbal and grassy notes.

Palate: Buttery, sweet, soft spicy fruit flavours of ripe olive fruit.

Bitterness &Pungency: Complex oil with aromas matched by spicy fruit flavours and mild, pungent finish.


We get asked many questions about our olive oil, so thought this was a great opportunity to answer some of these and post a few pictures of the olive grove in the picturesque Swan Valley region of Perth, Western Australia.



How old is the olive grove and are they grown organically?

The grove and trees are 15 years old, although not certified organic all is grown without the use of pesticides or sprays.


Is the oil cold pressed and what does that mean?

Without getting too technical the answer is yes! Cold pressing means that during the pressing process temperature must not exceed 80.6 degrees F.  Heating the olives during pressing allows producers to extract more oil, however simultaneously destroys delicate flavours and aromas so sort after in prize winning oils.


What’s the difference Extra Virgin , Virgin, Pure/Regular & lite oils?:


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

  •  First press, retains more olive taste.
  • Completely unrefined oil – meaning no chemical or heat treatments during extraction.
  • Highest quality, contains more natural vitamins & minerals naturally found in olives.


Virgin Olive Oil:

  •  Similar process to extra virgin.
  • Retains the purity & taste of the olive, although production standards are not as rigid.


Pure/Regular Olive Oil:

  •  Blend of virgin oil & refined oil.
  • Heat & chemically treated during extraction process to remove flaws from fruit.
  • Lower quality, colour & neutral flavour.


Lite Olive Oil:

  • Lite does not refer to lower in calories, its lower in flavour.
  • Refined, heat and chemically treated.
  • Lower nutritional value.


At what ripeness do you pick olives for pressing?

Ideal time to pick when crop is equal portions of green/purple & black.

As some trees are slow to mature they are greener longer and we pick them at the same time, this means the olives to be processed are approx. 40-50% green.

This gives the oil the bitey taste and a better shelf life.


What is the correct place to store my oil?

Firstly your oil should be sold in a dark coloured bottle to reduce heat and block sunlight.

Always store your oil in a dark cool cupboard or pantry, olive oil can go rancid if left of benchtops in sunlight.

Don’t place olive oil in refrigerators as it will solidify (go hard), it will liquefy once it comes back to room temperature and is completely safe to use.


Hope this has answered some of the questions you may have had, if you have any further queries please email them through and I will go directly to the source to get the answers!


For the love of olives, enjoy!

Ol-ive Half.